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Bonjour! Welcome to French Club

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Merci beaucoup to all those who helped with the Haunted Tours on Homecoming! Here is some new news upcoming in the French Club!

-T-Shirts are a work in progress

-Broadmore or Dominion will be where we volunteer this semester and it will be on December 2 at 2:30-4:30

-The Fete Du Noel will be on December 5th at 4:30-6:30

Don't forget the $1 or less gifts

-We are working with Spanish Club for the Thanksgiving baskets this year! Make sure you have your donations ready!

-Mardi Gras is coming up so get your ideas for it!

-Anyone wanting to pursue a Bi-literacy Degree please see Madame Toby to get prepared for the test

-Sophomore or Juniors! Governor School Applications are available if you want to apply for international studies in foreign language. Please see Madame Toby, Mrs. Skeens, Olivia Milwood, or Hana Goss for more information.

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Hope all you've frenchies had a long and wonderful 4 day weekend!

Here is some information we learned from the last meeting!

-Welcome to all the new French Club Members! We doubled the amount of members from last year

-Don't Forget the $5 dues are due on September 24th

-Don't forget to sign up to the REMIND by sending @thslsf to 81010

-Give us ideas for a T-shirt or accessories for French Club

-Any ideas for a fundraiser? Contact us!

GET READY FOR MARDI GRAS!!!! Mardi Gras is February 25th

Make sure to be ready to attend one of these events to stay in the club! Dates to be announced!


-Fete De Noel

-Homecoming Parade

-Haunted Homecoming

-Cafe Alona

-Mardi Gras

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The Next Meeting of the Tennessee High School French Club is during Viking Time on August 27th.

Here is information from today's meeting!

-$5 dues are due on September 24th

-Leadership Team Application is available to all Juniors and Seniors who have been in the club for more than a year

-Send to @thslsf to 81010 to be signed up on the Remind account

-Check the Events for information about upcoming Events in the future.

-Any ideas for French Club is grateful appreciated, contact Hana, Mme Toby, M. Greer, or Olivia for any for questions or ideas.

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